19 December 2019

IUCN report Ocean Deoxygenation: Everyone’s Problem just out, including Yasuhara et al paleo chapter 5.

8 May 2019

May Huang has just started her post-doctoral fellowship at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Germany working with Dr. Wolfgang Kiessling  ( after her stay at Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama, as a STRI Fellow working with Dr. Aaron O’Dea (!!

Hokuto Iwatani has just started his assistant professorship at Yamaguchi University, Japan!! Iwatani Lab website

3 Febrary 2019

My new article available in three language of English, Spanish and Catalan!

Yasuhara, M., 2018. Marine biodiversity in space and time: What tiny fossils tell. Métode: 9. doi:10.7203/metode.9.11404
Open Access

English: Marine biodiversity in space and time: What tiny fossils tell, PDF

Spanish: Biodiversidad marina en el tiempo y el espacio: Lo que nos cuentan los fósiles minúsculos, PDF

Catalan: Biodiversitat marina en el temps i l’espai: Allò que ens diuen els fòssils minúsculs, PDF

8 May 2018
New papers out:

Cheung, R. C. W., Yasuhara, M., Mamo, B., Katsuki, K., Seto, K., Takata, H., Yang, D. Y., Nakanishi, T., Yamada, K., Iwatani, H., 2018. Decadal‐centennial scale East Asian Summer Monsoon variability over the past millennium: an oceanic perspective. Geophysical Research Letters: doi:10.1029/2018GL077978

Huang, H. H. M., Yasuhara, M., Iwatani, H., Alvarez Zarikian, C. A., Bassetti, M. A., Sagawa, T., 2018 Benthic biotic response to climate changes over the last 700,000 years in a deep marginal sea: impacts of deoxygenation and the Mid‐Brunhes Event. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology: doi:10.1029/2018PA003343

Iwatani, H., Yasuhara, M., Rosenthal, Y., Linsley, B. K., 2018. Intermediate-water dynamics and ocean ventilation effects on the Indonesian Throughflow during the past 15,000 years: Ostracod evidence. Geology: 46 (6), 567–570.

Shiono, T., Kusumoto, B., Yasuhara, M., Kubota, Y., 2018. Roles of climate niche conservatism and range dynamics in woody plant diversity patterns through the Cenozoic. Global Ecology and Biogeography: doi:10.1111/geb.12755

Jöst, A. B., Yasuhara, M., & Okahashi, H., Brix, S., Martínez Arbizu, P., Ostmann, A., 2018. Biogeographic distributions of Cytheropteron species (Ostracoda) in Icelandic waters (sub-polar North Atlantic). Marine Biodiversity: 48 (2), 763–782.

Krug, C. B., Schaepman, M. E., Shannon, L. J., Cavender-Bares, J., Cheung, W., McIntyre, P. B., Metzger, J. P., Niinemets, Ü., Obura, D. O., Schmid, B., Strassburg, B. B. N., Van Teeffelen, A. J. A., Weyl, O. L. F., Yasuhara, M., Leadley, P. W., 2017. Observations, Indicators and Scenarios of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services change—a framework to support policy and decision-making. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability: 29, 198-206.

8 May 2018
New paper out:
Yasuhara, Y., Hong, Y., Tian, S. Y., Chong, W. K., Okahashi, H., Littler, K., Cotton, L., 2018 Eocene shallow-marine ostracods from Madagascar: southern end of the Tethys? Journal of Systematic Palaeontology: doi:10.1080/14772019.2018.1453555