Primary research interest:
Climatic and anthropogenic impacts on marine ecosystems; Marine macroecology; Deep-sea ecology; Abrupt surface climate and deep-water changes; Quaternary North Atlantic paleoceanography; Paleontology of Ostracoda.
I have broad interests in marine palaeoecology and macroecology. My recent research has focused on the spatio-temporal dynamics of large-scale biodiversity patterns, the impact of climate on species diversity, and the controlling factor(s) of biodiversity pattern/change in shallow-marine, deep sea and pelagic ecosystems. I am also interested in human-induced marine ecosystem degradation. I am involved in various collaborative projects on large-scale biodiversity patterns, past biodiversity dynamics, and deep-sea ostracode taxonomy with Gene Hunt, and Arctic, Atlantic, and Pacific ostracode biodiversity and biogeography and Quaternary paleoceanography with Thomas M. Cronin.

Online lectures:

Time Machine Biology for the Humboldt Day

WCMB 2020 Keynote

Some popular science articles on our research:

Climate Change and the Deep Blue Sea (pdf)

Oxygen in Oceans Takes a Dive (pdf)

Changes in Global Biodiversity Pattern Driven by Temperature and Climate (pdf, see page 6)

English: Marine biodiversity in space and time: What tiny fossils tell (pdf)

Spanish: Biodiversidad marina en el tiempo y el espacio: Lo que nos cuentan los fósiles minúsculos (pdf)

Catalan: Biodiversitat marina en el temps i l’espai: Allò que ens diuen els fòssils minúsculs (pdf)

Some review articles on our research:

Our view on macroecology and paleoecology

Our view of deep-sea biodiversity (1, 2)

Our view on conservation paleoecology

Contributions to global networks:

Our view on global oxygen problem (1, 2)

Our view on global biodiversity research network (bioDISCOVERY 1, 2)

United Nations World Ocean Assessment I, Chapter 36F. Open Ocean Deep Sea