Primary research interest:
Climatic and anthropogenic impacts on marine ecosystems; Marine macroecology; Deep-sea ecology; Abrupt surface climate and deep-water changes; Quaternary North Atlantic paleoceanography; Paleontology of Ostracoda.
I have broad interests in marine palaeoecology and macroecology. My recent research has focused on the spatio-temporal dynamics of large-scale biodiversity patterns, the impact of climate on species diversity, and the controlling factor(s) of biodiversity pattern/change in shallow-marine, deep sea and pelagic ecosystems. I am also interested in human-induced marine ecosystem degradation. I am involved in various collaborative projects on large-scale biodiversity patterns, past biodiversity dynamics, and deep-sea ostracode taxonomy with Gene Hunt, and Arctic, Atlantic, and Pacific ostracode biodiversity and biogeography and Quaternary paleoceanography with Thomas M. Cronin.

Our view on macroecology and paleoecology

Our view of deep-sea biodiversity (1, 2)

Our view on conservation paleoecology

Our view on global oxygen problem (1, 2)

Our view on global biodiversity research network (bioDISCOVERY 1, 2)

United Nations World Ocean Assessment I, Chapter 36F. Open Ocean Deep Sea


Some popular science articles on my research:

Climate Change and the Deep Blue Sea (pdf)

Oxygen in Oceans Takes a Dive (pdf)

Changes in Global Biodiversity Pattern Driven by Temperature and Climate (pdf, see page 6)

English: Marine biodiversity in space and time: What tiny fossils tell (pdf)

Spanish: Biodiversidad marina en el tiempo y el espacio: Lo que nos cuentan los fósiles minúsculos (pdf)

Catalan: Biodiversitat marina en el temps i l’espai: Allò que ens diuen els fòssils minúsculs (pdf)